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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tim Tebow, the Winner, the Leader

I was recently asked my opinion on Tim Tebow. I don't get to see him play much since I live in DC, but you can't help but notice Tebow mania in the land of the NFL. There are as many haters as lovers of this beast of a man. Some don't want this guy to succeed because he talks too much Jesus. Some don't like him because he is not a typical NFL quarterback. He has his admirers because he is pretty. He has his admirers because he gives props to Jesus on his success. He has admirers because he wins. He also has admirers because of his leadership.
Lately, he has had success. Since taking over at QB in Denver, he is 5-1. It has been surreal as he wins game after game in the most unconventional way. "Football guys" can't believe what they are seeing as they watch Tebow in clutch time deliver a win. Speaking of unconventional, his last win he rushed 22 times against San Diego as he led Denver to another 4th quarter comeback and eventually won in overtime.
Tebow doesn't win alone though, he has a lot of help. Football is the epitome of "team" sports. Denver has an excellent running game and defense. Willis McGahee and Tebow lead the team in rushing. An excellent defense is led by Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey, and rookie Von Miller. A successful NFL team is defined by a good defense and running game.
Tebow has the pleasure of being on a solid team. His stats are below average. His completion percentage is only 45%. And his QB rating ranks at the bottom of the league. One thing stands out in his stats tho, he has only 1 turnover in 5 starts. He also has 8 passing TD's and 3 rushing TD's. Only 1 turnover in 6 starts will help you win games.
What is it that gets Tebow so recognized and makes him successful? Is it all the Jesus talk? There are a lot of players in the NFL who love Jesus. Is it the unconventional style of play? Michael Vick is different but he is 4-7. I know what makes him successful. It is leadership. His team believes in him. Tebow believes in himself and the God who created him. Tebow will always be a leader, whether he is a QB or a tight end who blocks and catches passes from a more conventional QB. I don't think Tebow will be a QB his entire career. He could be a stud TE for years to come. Maybe even a hall of famer. One thing will never change tho is his ability to lead his team to victory. And that leadership comes from his ability to humbly recognize that he has a gift from God and it takes a team to win.

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  1. Very good article, thought it was interesting that he has no turnovers...very very good read !!