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Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Weeks Top 5 with AndesAngle

5 - US Women’s World Cup Soccer Team Dominates
Once again the women’s soccer team shows up for the US. Three different women scored as the US shuts out Columbia. Even though the match was in Germany, the US made up most of the fans due to the US army base located nearby. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Brandy Chastain kept her clothes on while reporting the win.

4 - Davey Johnson Takes Over the Nationals
Davey Johnson is now 2-5 as the Nationals manager since taking over on Tuesday, June 28. Johnson is using the same roster as Riggleman, but he hopes to see changes as reported by Mark Zuckerman of NatsInsider.com. Johnson wants to add a few pieces to boost the offense. I hope he doesn’t make too many changes because I like the current roster that includes: 1B Michael Morse, 2B Danny Espinosa, SS Ian Desmond, 3B Ryan Zimmerman, RF Jayson Werth, and CF Roger Bernadina. I like to have a team that is mostly home-grown through the minor league system. I am willing to wait till next year to see what this current roster will do. I am not a fan of signing too many high priced free-agents. I wonder if we need a change at hitting coach?

3 - Capitals Have Been Busy in Offseason
One of the best moves by the Caps this offseason was trading goalie Varlomov to the Colorado Avalanche for a 2012 first round pick and a possible second or third round pick. This worked out great because the very solid Capitals minor league system has produced two great goalies in Neuvirth and Holtby. The picks may be lottery picks because the Avalanche is not expected to do very well this year. The Caps also signed Jeff Halpern, Roman Hamrlik and Joel Ward. On the second day of free agency, the Caps were also busy, signing Chris Bourque and Tomas Vokoun. Before free agency began, the Caps re-signed Brooks Laich to a six year, $27mil contract. I don’t know much about hockey, but I do know that the Capitals are serious about building a winner. There will be a lot of pressure on this team in the playoffs this coming season. It is time to win baby!

2 - MLB All Star Players are Announced
Every year the All Stars are announced there is an outcry about players who are looked over and the undeserving players who are voted in. Only one Nationals player?! This is messed up! (See what I mean?) Fans all over are upset because their favorite player wasn’t chosen. I can’t remember a year when anyone was completely happy. Of course the Yankees, with the league’s highest payroll and the most popular team, always have plenty of All Star players.
I think the MLB needs to publish a list of qualifications for fans to check off before they vote: batting average, RBI, HR, ERA, strike outs, wins, fielding percentage, etc. Things that would count against them would be: Are they too cute? (Disqualify women’s votes?) Do they play for the Yankees? Do they make too much money? Too cocky? It would be interesting to see what would happen if the All Star rosters were chosen by computer calculations only. Then we could have another controversy due to a system like the BCS (Because Computer Saidso).

1 - The NBA Lockout Begins
This lockout seems to be more serious than the NFL lockout. Players and owners are willing to give up at least the first half of the season. A large number of NBA teams are losing money according to league officials.  I don’t know about you but, I am tired of players and owners fighting over money. Once again millions and billions of dollars are not enough.
The NBA needs a salary cap in order to have parity among teams. I don’t understand why a handful of players demand so much more money than their teammates. How much is enough? When one player receives so much, it is hard to build a team around them. The NBA is partly responsible for this disparity because they have marketed the star player much more than the team. As demonstrated by LeBron James and the Cavaliers, it takes more than a star player to win.
I believe it is tough for an NBA owner to build a successful team if they have invested too much in players salaries. There are a lot of expenses involved in owning an NBA franchise. This should be taken into consideration when negotiating the new CBA. The owners have a lot more risk to consider. If a player fails, he gets to keep his salary and move on with only himself to think of. If a team fails, the owner still has to pay the team’s finances, player’s salaries, arena upkeep, office personnel salaries, marketing, taxes, etc. But, as usual, the players and owners forget the fans and take their loyalty for granted.

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