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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your a Fan of THAT Team?

Why do we love our teams so much? How did you start rooting for your team? You spend money and time on that team? Being a sports fan isn't always easy. There are times when your "Team Pride" just hurts. Can you imagine being a Miami Heat fan right now? Would you be proud of being a LeBron fan right now? I guess you could ask how many other teams made it to the finals? The answer is one. The Mavericks that is. The winners! Mavs fans are flying high right now. You are rooting for a winner! Congratulations! It isn't that hard to root for a winner is it? I wonder how many NEW fans the Mavs gained this week?

Look at the logos at the top. (The image looks crappy but ignore that.) These are the most popular teams in sports right now. They all have one thing in common. They have a history of winning. Not neccesarily recently but overall. I'm kinda curious about the Red Sox since they had such a long drought. They are the team that goes against my point. How did these teams get such a large following? I think it's partly because everyone wants to root for a winner.

Or some may root for a team because of family tradition. Maybe you are a fan because you respect the rich heritage a team may have. Some become fans because of a player that they followed. I know fans that like a team just to irritate someone or to go against the crowd. (Sounds like the DC born idiotic Cowboys fans. Irritating! I guess it worked on me.) No matter how people become a fan of their team, it usually lasts a lifetime. I know that I will never stop being a fan of my teams.

I talked about fans who have chosen their team based on a number of reasons. What about being a fan because your team chose you? Huh? I believe that most people like a team because of their hometown. You were born in your town and that is your team. Hometeam pride. That is the way I like it. This kind of fan to me is the most legit. I was born in the DC area and I am a DC fan. I can't imagine cheering for any other teams. You form a bond with other hometeam fans when you go to your stadium and support the home team. You are together when they win and together when they lose. You may move from your hometown, but your love for your team comes with you.

Some of us hometeam fans have it tougher than some. This is what makes us so genuine. How about Cleveland? The last winner in Cleveland was the Indians 1948 World Series title. The Browns lost "the fumble" and the game in the 1987 AFC championship. Then the Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996. 4 years later the Baltimore "shoulda-been-the-Cleveland-Browns" Ravens won the Super Bowl. The "king" came to the Cleveland Cavaliers and there was hope. There were many playoff appearances and one Finals appearance in 2007 when they were swept by the Spurs. In 2010, the "king" left the Cavs for the future: not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, uh..8 time NBA champion Miami Heat. We will see. The only thing Cleveland can be happy about is the "king" lost. Wow!

 I feel sorry for Cleveland fans. But, I guarantee you that there are plenty of hard-core Cleveland fans out there. That is their hometown and those are their teams. My Washington teams have not fared very well either. Especially the Redskins over the past 20 years. The Wizards Bullets have not won a championship since 1978. The Capitals have never won the Stanley Cup, the Nationals are a struggling new team. And the list of miserable cities could go on...Seattle, Sacramento, Minnesota, San Diego, Buffalo, etc. All looking for a championship that hasn't happened in years.

What keeps these fans going? Is it hope? Yes. Every year there is a draft. There is free agency. The big name coach is hired. Is it pride? Kind of. Some people are proud of their team, but some are proud of themselves for sticking with their team through years of misery. In my case, I have both hope and pride for all of the DC teams. When I am wearing my teams hat or t-shirt while walking around the DC metro area and someone asks me, "Your a fan of that team?" I say "Of course I am! This is DC isn't it? I'm a hometeam fan!"  A hometeam fan.  A chosen one. Maybe I should get a tatto...

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