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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Riggleman Resigns! Screws Up My Blog Schedule!

Stupid. Selfish. Those two words came to mind when it sank in that Riggleman resigned from the Nationals abruptly today. When I first heard the story, I quickly checked my calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st. It just doesn't make sense because the Nationals are on the rise. The Nationals are the hottest team in baseball this month winning 11 of the past 12 games. Their June record is 15-6. I just proudly read a story about the Nationals progress this morning by my favorite baseball guy Tim Kurkjian on ESPN.com. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/columns/story?columnist=kurkjian_tim&id=6696152
Tim Kurkjian even took notice. That means a lot! I was totally baffled when I heard about the resignation. It makes no sense! To me it is stupid and selfish.Those two word apply to three people in this situation.

You resigned abruptly during your teams hot streak. Stupid!
Why would you resign now? Riggleman demanded to talk about his contract situation. Rizzo refused so Riggleman walked. Selfish! I think Riggleman wanted to secure a long term contract because he didn't think the winning would last. At least he could secure the contract now before the bottom dropped out. Or maybe he felt disrespected.

Why not just talk to the man? At least you could make Riggleman think that you were considering him by having a conversation. Stupid!
Maybe Rizzo felt like he was being told how to run his business when Riggleman demanded to talk. It seems Rizzo wanted to put Riggleman in his place by showing him who really was in charge. Selfish!

I really don't know what exactly went down. I just listened to the news. As a blogger about sports and being a huge Nationals fan, I feel pressured to write something. Stupid!
As a Nationals fan, I was feeling really good about my team. I just can't believe what went down today. And I feel put out because I spent several hours of research and writing for another article that I planned to post tonight. Now I have to post something about this big crazy event because of Jim Riggleman. Selfish!

When the dust settles and a decision is made about the manager of the Nationals, I hope we keep winning. The players will keep playing no matter who is the manager. I will keep cheering for the team. I wasn't stuck on Riggleman so I will survive this crazy day. We all know that the Nationals weren't stuck on him either. This resignation may have made Rizzo's job a lot easier at the end of the year. What would happen if the Nationals end the season with a winning record and Riggleman was never in their plans past this year? You would look really stupid for not extending Riggleman's contract after the Nationals first ever winning season.

I believe that the Nationals will survive this fiasco. They might even get better. So cheer up Nationals fans! We can ignore the stupidity and selfishness as long as the Nats keep winning. And I believe that they will.

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