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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Batting Practice

Speaking of batting practice, I know some guys who need more practice. This year I have been surprised at the amount of struggling hitters. You hear about a few as you read the paper, listen to the radio, or watch ESPN. I was curious as to how bad it really is. So I did some research and found there are  a lot of players batting well below their career average. The list I came up with is quite long.  Some batting averages are downright uggla. Other guys seem to be hitting like their career is dunn.

·         Carl Crawford          Curr BA:  .243        Career BA:  .294
·         Adam Dunn             Curr BA:  .177         Career BA:  .247
·         Alex Rios                 Curr BA:  .218         Career BA:  .277
·         Danny Valencia       Curr BA:  .218         Career BA:  .266
·         Chone Figgins          Curr BA:  .186        Career BA:  .281
·         Dan Uggla                Curr BA:  .178         Career BA:  .255
·         Hanley Ramirez        Curr BA:  .216        Career BA:  .306
·         Chris Coghlan           Curr BA:  .230        Career BA:  .283
·         Jason Werth             Curr BA:  .223         Career BA:  .267
·         Casey McGehee      Curr BA:  .227         Career BA:  .274
·         Lyle Overbay           Curr BA:  .230         Career BA:  .271
·         Kelly Johnson           Curr BA:  .210         Career BA:  .263
·         Miguel Tejada         Curr BA:  .227         Career BA:  .285

Hitting slumps have always been a part of baseball. Why they happen seems to be a mystery. With some guys it's mental, some have changed their mechanics, others have nagging injuries and some are probably just trying to prove they are werth their huge salary. There has to be some kind of solution. We quite possibly need to assemble a team of assorted staff members to solve this problem. A psychiatrist, physicist, a healer, and a finance manager should do the trick.
Sticking with the batting theme, I have a beef with college baseball. Whose stupid idea was it to use aluminum bats? Every time I hear that metallic clink, I cringe. It sounds like I'm watching a softball game. What is this? The sissy league? MLB doesn't use aluminum bats, why should college? MLB is the next step for players who want to advance to the next level. If you are preparing for the next level, why not use wooden bats? Starting your professional career while adjusting to a different type of bat is one more challenge that I think is unnecessary.

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